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Tent Floor Rentals

Sperry Tents Great Lakes specializes in elegant outdoor flooring options. We offer traditional dance floors and bandstands or invite you to indulge in hardwood flooring that spans the entire tent footprint. Sperry Tents provides lay-down floors or leveled floors that can make the most daunting yards level and pools disapear.

Outdoor Tent Floor Rental:

Band Stands and Dance Floors – Hardwood and plank flooring that locks together, allowing custom sizes for dance floors and band stands.

Lay-Down Floors – These gorgeous hardwood and plank floors lay directly on the ground and lock together to create a raised full floor covering every inch inside your tent. Turns the backyard into your dining room.

Leveled Floors – This gorgeous floor is engineered to flatten backyards, cover pools, and bridge valleys and inclines of up to 14 feet.

Download a pdf of our catalog Download our tent rentals catalog to learn more about Signature Sperry Sail Cloth Tents.